With such a high rate of owner satisfaction, it might be surprising to know that there are vacation owners looking to get out of timeshares. Many owners enjoy their timeshares for years before deciding to pass on their property to another owner. Sometimes, an owner’s financial or family circumstances change and their vacations follow suit. If you find yourself in a similar predicament, luckily there are ways to exit your timeshare agreement.

Contact Your Developer

Developers know that your vacation needs can change over time. Many developers now offer special programs designed to help your changing vacation wish list. Some developers even offer timeshare exit options. Programs like Wyndham Cares educate members about special benefits including Club Wyndham Pass, RCI’s vacation exchange network and Wyndham’s own timeshare exit solution, Ovation. Remember, developers exist because of your business — in other words, they want to keep you, their customers, happy. Giving your developer a call should play a key role in your timeshare exit strategy.

Avoid Fraudulent Companies

Vacation ownership, like many other industries, attracts fraudulent scams from time to time. While not all timeshare relief and redemption companies are looking cheat owners, many do not live up to their promises.

There are two types of timeshare relief companies: those that specialize in inventory redemption and those that make timeshare transfers. Inventory redemption companies typically buy properties with the intention of selling it back to the developers. Some may have exclusive deals with developers, but usually these are not made public. That means you may have very limited information before paying the upfront fee many of these companies charge.

Timeshare transfer companies work by transferring your timeshare contract to a third-party. Typically, owners receive limited information about who the third-party may be, if there is one. A timeshare transfer can only be done if there is no mortgage or maintenance fee outstanding. While it can seem ideal to offload your timeshare to one of these companies, sometimes a quick fix is not the most effective.

Advertise Your Property on a Trusted Timeshare Resale Marketplace

how we can help you sell your timeshareTrusted timeshare resale companies have a vested interest in maintaining positive relationships with developers, industry organizations such as ARDA and their customers. They deal with timeshare resales on a daily basis and know the business inside and out. Reputable resellers can even direct you to an affiliated broker that can assist you with  managing sales and rental contracts. Timeshares Only follows a strict code of ethics created by ARDA, the American Resort Development Association. ARDA members are held to the highest standards in the timeshare industry. 

Here’s How Timeshares Only Can Help

No matter how you came to make the decision to sell your timeshare, the process of exiting your timeshare can seem daunting. Without guidance from a third-party, many owners are unaware of their options. Here’s a breakdown of the paths you can take when you make the decision to exit your timeshare commitment.

  • We offer personalized service. Our qualified timeshare consultants can guide you through our advertising process and answer any questions you have by phone. Give us a call at 1-800-213-7733 today!
  • Our listing process is easy. If you decide to move forward with listing your property with us, you will need to provide your timeshare consultant with information about your property. This includes the deed and contract or membership agreement, financing agreement (if applicable), title information, usage type and more. We’ve created a Know What You Own Checklist to simplify the process.
  • We’ll guide you through every step. Once you decide to list with us and your timeshare consultant has all the necessary information, they will begin the process of advertising your timeshare. This includes creating an ad for your property and placing it on the world’s largest timeshare resale marketplace.
  • You can make money while you wait for a buyer. Want to make some money off your timeshare while we connect you with a buyer? List your property for rent. Your qualified timeshare consultant can also help you post your property for rent while you wait for a buyer. Making your timeshare available for rent can be a great way to monetize your property.
  • We work with a qualified resale brokerage. When you get an offer on your property, we will refer you to a recommended licensed real estate agent that can take care of the title and closing transactions. Timeshares Only is an open market and while any licensed real estate agent can help you through the final steps of selling your timeshare, we recommend sticking to our experienced affiliate brokerage, which specializes in timeshare resale.

Contact Timeshares Only

Give Timeshares Only a call at 1-800-213-7733 today and let us be your qualified timeshare exit team! We can guide you through every step of the timeshare sale process.

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