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Planning your next trip to Orlando with the fam? Hilton Grand Vacations Club members should look no further than Hilton Grand Vacations at Seaworld. Perfectly located right next to the dolphins, whales and flamingos, the kids will never want to leave. The resort itself offers some of the most comfortable accommodations, dining options and activities that will keep you busy all vacation long.

First things first, how many DVC resorts are in Orlando? Currently, there are 10 DVC resorts in Orlando right now, with a brand-new resort coming soon. It’s important to take a look at each one, since making reservations at your home resort is given priority before using your points at a different DVC resort. And if you are specifically joining DVC for annual trips to your favorite parks, there are lots of options just in Orlando.

DVC Resorts Orlando

If you’re planning a trip to the Happy Island (and you totally should), you might be wondering “when is the best time to go to Aruba?” Honestly, anytime is a great time to visit this tropical paradise. But depending on your vacation priorities some months may be better than others. Your preferences may depend on weather tolerance, crowd preferences or seasonal excursions. We’ll go through the best and worst time to visit Aruba, but there is hardly a bad time at all.

You might have heard about Vistana Signature Experiences, a resort family under Marriott Vacations Worldwide. Vistana builds, develops and sells vacation ownership at over 20 resorts internationally. Sheraton and Westin are both timeshare club brands that fall under the Vistana Signature Experiences family of resorts. Families love being owners of Vistana timeshares because of this great flexibility. But the best part of Vistana Signature Experiences? The overwhelming options of activities on each resort, as well as discounted attractions with Placepass.

The long-awaited AIF State of the Vacation Timeshare Industry report is here, and it reveals some big news. Timeshare industry research is showing nine consecutive years of growth, breaking $10 billion in sales revenue. This is more than a 26% increase since 2014.  

Timeshare Industry Research Shows Nine Consecutive Years of Growth

AIF State of the Vacation Timeshare Industry
AIF State of the Industry Infographic

The most exciting news that we’re seeing in the AIF State of the Vacation Timeshare Industry report is the continuing growth of timeshare. For nine consecutive years now, timeshare industry research has continued to see increasing sales revenue.

This news directly refutes big exit company schemes that make claims against timeshare. With the number of satisfied owners as well as new buyers every year, there is a clear positive trend.

Sales volume has broken $10.2 billion, making the market even larger than the music industry. This is a seven percent increase from 2017 sales volume, which was $9.6 billion. Another supporting statistic from AIF’s timeshare industry research that shows the satisfaction of timeshare owners is the comparable occupancy rate to hotels.

According to AIF’s State of the Vacation Timeshare Industry report, there was a consistent average occupancy at 80.8 percent for 2018. In comparison to the hotel industry’s average occupancy rate at 66.2 percent, this is a considerable difference. Rental revenue is also at an all-time high, with $2.4 billion brought in for the year.

Timeshare Rentals Increase to $2.4 Billion in Revenue

While most owners are using their vacation ownership year after year, some developers and owners will offer timeshare units for rent. Even non-timeshare owners love the luxurious amenities and spacious accommodations that timeshare resorts provide. In just one year, timeshare industry research shows that timeshare rentals witnessed a 4% increase.

The average timeshare occupancy rate was nearly 81 percent, while hotels saw an average of 66.2 percent average occupancy. This gap shows that people who own timeshare vacation more, and are more satisfied travelers! With more families turning their heads to timeshare over hotels, the vacation ownership industry is projected to see another fantastic year.

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This blog is all about the grown ups! Have you ever wondered what there is to do in Orlando besides going to the theme parks? What about things to do in Orlando for adults? Central Florida is the home to one of the most visited theme parks in the world: Walt Disney World. Over 50,000 people visit WDW parks each day, including thousands of starry-eyed kids eager to meet their favorite Disney characters and make the most of what feels like the best vacation of their lifetime.

If you’re one of the lucky ones that had the chance to make magical childhood memories at the land of Mouse when you were young, chances are you hold those memories dear. But, if you’re traveling with little ones of your own now, with a spouse or friends, you may be wondering how to make the most of your trip without staying strictly inside the Disney bubble. Luckily, Orlando has plenty to offer vacationers aside from the parks (and there are a lot of parks).

Sitting on the shores of Table Rock Lake in Branson, Missouri is Holiday Inn Club Vacations beautiful Ozark Mountain Resort. Table Rock Lake is only 20 miles outside of Branson, making it a perfect family-friendly lake vacation. In and around Lake of the Ozarks, Holiday Inn Club Vacations members can hike the Ozark mountains, see the famous Dixie Stampede or explore Silver Dollar City.

However you enjoy spending your vacation, Holiday Inn Club Vacations Ozark Mountain Resort has you covered.

Are you no longer using your timeshare? Have the maintenance fees started to pile up, or has a lifestyle change made it more difficult to hold onto? For whatever reason it may be, there are many people just like you wondering how to sell a time share.

According to the American Resort Development Association (ARDA), more than 80% of timeshare owners express satisfaction with their vacation ownership. So it may come as a surprise that there is a thriving secondary market of people selling their timeshares. Although vacation ownership is meant to be a lifelong product, sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to keep holding onto. The good news is, the timeshare resale industry has so many options for timeshare relief. Learn your different options to selling responsibly.