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Festiva Resorts is more than just beautiful timeshare properties that owners can vacation to. Festiva Sailing Vacations is an exclusive club that members can access sailing trips on luxury catamarans staffed with professionals to create picturesque vacations on the seas. Sailers can choose from four incredible destinations: the British Virgin Islands, St. John & US Virgin Islands, and Greece. With a Festiva timeshare, the vacation opportunities may surprise you.

A change in lifestyle may have you thinking about how to sell your Bluegreen timeshare. Selling Bluegreen points or weeks is very possible with the right help. There are so many different directions to go, with cancellation or exit companies out there that claim they can help. If you’re asking “Can I sell my Bluegreen timeshare?” you’ve come to the right place. We’ll give you the step-by-step so you can sell your timeshare with confidence.

Buying a timeshare is a major decision. Especially when a timeshare can cost thousands of dollars. If you are interested in vacation ownership, timeshare financing is an option. And it’s easier than ever to estimate monthly payments with a timeshare loan calculator. On every timeshare posted for sale on our website, you can calculate monthly loan payments with the Monthly Payment Calculator.

It can be difficult to plan a vacation when you have to keep Fido in mind, but pet-friendly timeshares are not few and far between! Dog owners love owning a timeshare at pet-friendly resorts, making vacation planning easier and stress-free. Many pet-friendly timeshares are also nearby dog daycares and boarding centers too, so if you have a special day planned out, you can make sure that your pet is well cared for!

Buying a lifetime of vacations at a dream-like resort or with a luxury travel club is an exciting experience. If you’re wondering how to buy a timeshare, you may already have a brand in mind. Before whipping out your wallet and signing on the dotted line, make sure you know what to expect. You should know beforehand how the club works, how much maintenance fees will be every year, and how much closing costs will be at the time of purchase.

Timeshares are a vacation lifestyle product, otherwise known as “vacation ownership.” In simple terms, a timeshare is a resort unit that allows owners to have an increment of time in which they can use for vacations every year. They are normally a lifelong product, which owners can use for vacations every single year. Essentially, when you become a timeshare owner, you are paying for a lifetime of vacations upfront, which can save you thousands of dollars over a lifetime of travel. Besides owning your timeshare, there are other perks and benefits that come with ownership, such as vacation exchange and loyalty programs.

Whether you’re ready to take a trip to Aruba or Florida, the best Marriott Vacation Club resorts will get you there! Undoubtedly, Marriott takes pride in offering amazing vacations to its owners. Sunny beaches and snowy mountains? No problem. Marriott’s best resorts have you covered. What’s more, being an owner with Marriott Vacation Club gives you maximum benefits and discounts for travel, especially when you sign up for their royalty program with Marriott Bonvoy. Don’t miss visiting the best MVC resorts with your timeshare ownership.

Diamond Resorts owners have a plethora of options when they use their points for vacation. Especially when visiting Orlando. Go full family-friendly with properties like Liki Tiki Village, or head to Mystic Dunes Resort & Golf Club for a relaxing stay for adults too! Check out these five best Diamond Resorts in Orlando that you can buy a timeshare at, rent, or exchange on Interval International.