14 Timeshare Tips

For anyone looking to buy, sell or rent timeshares, there is a lot of information out there. Timeshare owners and timeshare sellers may not always know some of the tips and secrets of the trade so Timeshares Only has put together the top 14 tips for anyone looking to buy, sell or rent timeshares!

1) Always buy timeshare resales! There is no reason to buy from the timeshare resorts at higher prices. By buying a timeshare resale, you'll save thousands!

2) If you're unable to use your timeshare week, and you don't want to exchange it. Book into a resort and rent it out. The additional rental income will help cover your maintenance fees for that year.

3) Take advantage of lock-out units if you own one. You can split your lock out unit and book two weeks of vacation per year. One week in the studio side, and one week in the larger portion.

4) Take advantage of exchange companies, you can bank your week and exchange it for another anywhere in the world. Take the opportunity to see new places and travel to exotic lands.

5) If you'd like to vacation in a timeshare but don't own one, or have used your time for this year, then rent privately from another owner. The resort itself may charge a large nightly fee, but private owners who are not using their time will rent for much less to just recover some of their maintenance fees.

6) If you're buying a timeshare on the resale market, consider using a licensed real estate broker to help you close the sale. They can navigate the tricky paperwork and make your experience stress free and enjoyable.

7) When selling a timeshare, advertising is the key to success. Choose a company with an extensive advertising campaign, utilizing many outlets, such as TV, Radio, Billboards, Print and the Internet.

8) To sell a timeshare, you must be priced competitively. Be realistic and don't expect to get back what you paid if you bought from the developer. Don't price yourself outside of the current market.

9) Understand that timeshares are not a financial investment, but more an investment into your families well being. Timeshares will allow you to create wonderful vacation memories that will last a lifetime.

10) Make your reservations well in advance. The good timeshare weeks will go fast, including school vacations and national holidays, so book early to get the time you want.

11) Some resorts offer bonus time. This allows you to book a few extra nights a year at a very low cost based upon availability. Perfect for a weekend getaway.

12) Your timeshare can be the perfect gift to someone close to you. What better gift than a paid vacation getaway for a couple or family who you love.

13) Pet friendly timeshares can be perfect for a full family vacation that includes Fido. Pet friendly timeshares are available all over the country and usually only charge a small fee to have your furry friend along.

14) Ask the resort for a list of amenities, some resorts offer special golf packages for guests, bike riding, tennis or water activities. Some amenities are free, some may require a small fee, and some may be provided off site but offer discounted prices for those visiting the resort.

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