Wheelchair Accessible Vacations

Finding that perfect timeshare that is also wheelchair accessible can be a challenge.  That's why Timeshares Only has put together some great information to help you find the right wheelchair accessible timeshare for you.

Vacations are about having a good time and forgetting about your daily hassles.  It's a time to spend with your loved one and take time just to relax from the stresses of our busy lives.  Knowing ahead of time what to expect from a timeshare resort with wheelchair accessibility will make your vacation a great experience, and take the worry out of your holiday.  That's why we have put together a list of questions to ask before deciding which wheelchair accessible timeshare is right for you.

Do you provide special services for wheelchair guest?
This will let you know how they plan to accommodate your needs during your stay.

Which floors have wheelchair accessible units?
It is important that these units are near the ground floor in case of a emergency.

Can the furniture be moved around in the unit in order to make the unit more accessible for the wheelchair?
You may not need to move any thing, or the staff may move furniture prior to your arrival to accommodate you.

Are the wheelchair accessible units ADA complaint?
If the answer is yes, find out how the unit is equipped to accommodate ADA guidelines.

Does the timeshare provide wheelchair accessible shuttles to nearby attractions?
If they offer a shuttle service, can it accommodate your wheelchair. Would you need to transfer into a seat, or do they have a wheelchair lift. If they don't, ask about local rental companies or taxi services that can accommodate wheelchairs.

It is very important to know the answers to these questions before finding the best wheelchair accessible timeshare for you.  Please note that is in the United States it is mandatory that timeshare resorts have at least one wheelchair accessible unit, however international resorts have no set laws.  That is why is it important to contact your potential timeshare resort to ensure they have what you need to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

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