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The Atrium Resort (VA)
The Atrium Resort (VA) The Atrium Resort (VA) The Atrium Resort (VA) The Atrium Resort (VA)

The Atrium Resort (VA)


315 21st St
Virginia Beach, VA 23451 USA

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Enjoy all that Virginia Beach has to offer at this great resort by the sea. On-site amenities such as an indoor pool, whirlpool, exercise facilities, and game room will ensure that you are kept in the utmost comfort and luxury. You can explore the local attractions, such as Busch Gardens, Colonial Williamsburg, and many great restaurants and recreational areas. www.vsaresorts.com

Dishwasher • Game Room • Kitchen • Laundry • Elevator • Microwave • Whirlpool Hottub • Exercise Equipment • Air Conditioning • Swimming Pool

BedroomsBathroomsAvailabilityWeekAsking Price 
1112$900 View Ad
2041$1,195 NegView Ad
1119$875 View Ad
2226$950 View Ad
2249$700 View Ad
1127$1,400 NegView Ad
1136$750 View Ad
1046$900 NegView Ad
1112$750 NegView Ad
1004$700 NegView Ad
1115$200 NegView Ad
1138, Float$700 View Ad
1103, Float$750 View Ad
1123$1,200 View Ad
2233$1,200 NegView Ad
1116, Float$1,000 View Ad
22Float$1,000 View Ad
1119, Float$800 View Ad
1112$800 NegView Ad
1140$700 View Ad
Varies0Float$900 View Ad
1139, Float$400 NegView Ad
1110$700 NegView Ad
118$1,000 NegView Ad
1112$600 View Ad
Fees and Taxes will be added to above rates
BedroomsBathroomsWeekPointsUsage TypeSpecial SeasonAsking Price 
1111-Annual$6,000 View Ad
1112-Annual$9,000 View Ad
241-Annual$15,000 NegView Ad
1119-AnnualRed$6,500 View Ad
1141, Float-AnnualRed$16,000 NegView Ad
2206, Float-AnnualRed$12,500 View Ad
2226-AnnualRed$14,500 EachView Ad
2249-AnnualRed$1,200 View Ad
1127-AnnualFlex$13,000 NegView Ad
1136-Annual$5,000 NegView Ad
146-Annual$12,500 NegView Ad
1112-Annual$2,500 NegView Ad
104-Annual$9,000 NegView Ad
1115-AnnualRed$1,000 NegView Ad
1138, Float36000AnnualRed$6,999 NegView Ad
1103, Float-AnnualRed$7,000 View Ad
1123-Annual$19,000 OBOView Ad
1116, Float-Annual$8,000 View Ad
22Float-Annual$15,500 NegView Ad
1119, Float-AnnualRed$6,000 NegView Ad
2251-Annual$10,900 NegView Ad
1112-AnnualFlex$8,000 NegView Ad
1140-Annual$12,000 NegView Ad
1145, Float-AnnualRed$2,500 NegView Ad
VariesFloat-Annual$10,000 View Ad