Timeshares Only

Timeshares Only is a cooperative advertising agency.By pooling the resources of our advertisers, we are able to advertise our network of timeshare and other vacation properties for sale and rent on television, radio, the internet, and in various print publications.

Should you wish to sell your timeshare, Timeshares Only will advertise your timeshare or vacation property, for a set fee, until sold or rented. Due to inventory management, we request that our advertisers notify us every 12-months from the start date and/or subsequent renewal dates if an ad extension is required.

Because individual owners have different motivations for selling or renting, Timeshares Only cannot guarantee a timeframe for a successful sale or rental.

Any pricing provided to you during your consultations with Timeshares Only is representative of the average asking price of properties similar to yours that are currently active on our network. This is not a CMA and not a real estate activity.

Timeshares Only has a 3-day ad-cancellation-with-refund policy. If you wish to cancel your ad after 3-days of it appearing on our network, you may do so without a refund. If you wish to re-instate your ad, you may do so, free of charge.

Timeshares Only will notify you via email of any offers submitted to your web ad. Alternatively, licensed real estate brokers may contact you regarding your sale ad.

Timeshares Only recommends that you play an active role in achieving a successful sale or rental of your timeshare or vacation property by contacting our Customer Care department at 877-883-2214

Should you accept an offer on the sale of your timeshare, Timeshares Only recommends that you seek the assistance of a real estate broker to assist with the closing, however, you have the option to use the closing method of your choice.

To learn more about buying, selling or renting your timeshare ... Contact Timeshares Only today!