Timeshare Promos

You may have experienced timeshare promotions before. They come in many forms such as kiosks, advertising, discounted or free tickets, telephone calls that you've won a prize or offers for a free stay at a resort. But are timeshare promos really free?

Do Your Homework Before Using Timeshare Promos, in exchange for your freebees, those selling timeshares usually make you attend a timeshare presentation. Normally, presentations are supposed to last 90-minutes, although this is rarely the case. Presentations can drag on for hours and although they vary greatly depending on the resort, they are usually a high-pressure pitch for selling timeshares.

Do some research on the resort before you go to presentations or agree to timeshare promos. Look up reviews and timeshare resale prices on websites such as this one. You may fall in love with the resort and decide to purchase. If this is the case, please keep in mind the timeshare resale market can offer you the same thing for less money, and buying and selling timeshares can benefit both parties greatly.

So, the answer to the question, is free always free? No, it's not entirely free. Your gifts come at the cost of your time and travel expenses. Only you can decide if certain timeshare promos are worth it.

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