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Ocean Reef Yacht Club and Resort
Ocean Reef Yacht Club and Resort Ocean Reef Yacht Club and Resort Ocean Reef Yacht Club and Resort Ocean Reef Yacht Club and Resort

Ocean Reef Yacht Club and Resort


Bahama Reef Blvd
Freeport, Bahamas

Check-In Days:


Come to 'de Islands, mon! Visit this picturesque marina resort on beautiful Freeport. Enjoy on-site water activities such as scuba diving & water skiing or take a short ride to nearby golf or casinos. Amenities include in unit kitchens, air conditioning, car and boat rentals, exercise facilities, children's activities, pool, tennis, and hot tubs. Find great shopping at the International Bazaar or Port Lucaya. You'll experience great surfside fun and romance just walking those beautiful Bahamian beaches. A great vacation!

Fishing • Game Room • Grocery Store • Kitchen • Laundry • Microwave • Playground • Scuba • Tennis • Whirlpool Hottub • Boating • Exercise Equipment • Air Conditioning • Auto Rental • Snack Bar • Restaurant • Swimming Pool

BedroomsBathroomsWeekPointsUsage TypeSpecial SeasonAsking Price 
22Float-Annual$5,700 Neg/EacView Ad
11Float-Annual$8,000 NegView Ad
33Float-Annual$16,000 NegView Ad
11Float-Annual$6,000 NegView Ad
33Float-AnnualRed$20,000 NegView Ad
Varies15, Float-OddGold$2,000 OBOView Ad
11Float-Annual$9,000 NegView Ad
22Float-Annual$6,000 NegView Ad
22Float-Annual$6,000 NegView Ad
22Float-AnnualRed$10,000 View Ad
22Float-Even$2,000 NegView Ad
1133-Annual$11,500 NegView Ad
22Float-AnnualGold$20,000 NegView Ad
2226-AnnualGold$12,000 NegView Ad
22Float-AnnualGold$8,500 EachView Ad
1Float-Annual$13,000 View Ad
22Float-AnnualRed$11,000 NegView Ad
11Float-Annual$5,900 View Ad
22Float-AnnualRed$11,500 NegView Ad
11Float-AnnualGold$1,700 NegView Ad
2241-AnnualAll$9,500 NegView Ad
22Float-Annual$9,500 NegView Ad
22Float-Annual$12,000 NegView Ad
11Float-Annual$9,500 NegView Ad
11Float-AnnualSilver$3,200 NegView Ad
BedroomsBathroomsAvailabilityWeekAsking Price 
22Float$800 Neg/EacView Ad
11Float$930 View Ad
11Float$800 NegView Ad
22Float$600 NegView Ad
22Float$1,050 View Ad
22Float$500 View Ad
1133$700 NegView Ad
22Float$2,300 View Ad
2226$1,000 View Ad
10Float$1,100 View Ad
22Float$1,000 NegView Ad
11Float$800 View Ad
22Float$500 OBOView Ad
11Float$500 NegView Ad
2241$1,000 OBOView Ad
22Float$700 NegView Ad
11Float$800 View Ad
11Float$500 NegView Ad
11Float$750 NegView Ad
22Float$850 OBOView Ad
1127, Float$1,000 View Ad
1101, Float$1,000 View Ad
11Float$900 View Ad
22Float$850 NegView Ad
3317, , Float$700 NegView Ad
Fees and Taxes will be added to above rates