Professional Testimonials

Disney Vacation Club

“We have found Timeshares Only to be extremely professional and efficient.”
CSA CSA Travel Protection
“Timeshares Only is clearly the leader in the United States offering top-notch service in timeshare resales, purchase and rental”
Aspen national collections Aspen National Collections
“Timeshares Only is a highly professional and valuable organization that fulfills the needs of many timeshare owners ...”
I.C.E. gallery I.C.E
“Timeshares Only enjoys close and strategic alliances with high recognition brands ... and assists many timeshare owners who find themselves in the resale and rental marketplace.”
First american title insurance company First American Title Insurance Company
“I believe that you will discover that Timeshares Only will not only benefit timeshare owners ... but that they will also become an important contributor to the stability and vitality of the timeshare market ...”
“Timeshares Only is a tremendous asset to the industry and always put their clients’ needs first.”