How to Stay for Free in Any Resort Town
November 14, 2006

We've all heard about timeshares. Pushy salespeople, confusing usage restrictions, and high maintenance fees turn many vacationers away.

But here's what you may not know.

Many timeshare resorts offer FREE multi-night accommodations to vacationers in exchange for attendance at a presentation about properties the developer has for sale. Resort developers hope their 'Try Before You Buy' technique will entice travelers to purchase from them in the future.

Here's the resorts' big secret: 85% of people who attend their 90-minute presentations, generally speaking, DO NOT BUY!

The salespeople deal with rejection all day long. If you're not interested, you're not interested. That's it! Your stay is FREE!

Here's something else you may not know.

Timeshare resorts typically feature 4- and 5-Star accommodations. That means multiple bedrooms, a kitchen, and private balconies. Sure beats a cramped hotel room!

World-class timeshare resorts from Disney, Sheraton, Marriott, and the like offer amenities such as day spas, health clubs, and concierge services. Travel in style and save a bundle!

Many resorts contact vacationers in their demographic markets to present offers for these free stays.

If the resort you're interested in hasn't contacted you, call the resort! Request a free stay to look into their timeshare facility.

Be sure to get your free vacation offer in writing. Any free package agreement will contain a section disclosing terms and conditions of the trip.

Most offers are subject to conditions such as age requirements and occur within certain timeframes. Generally, the traveler is expected to pay for travel to the resort, hotel taxes, and tips.

While at the sales presentation, don't forget that purchasing the same timeshare on the resale market saves money and hassle.

Timeshares are a great investment in your family's future vacations. Happy traveling!

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