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Wyndham Tahoe at South Shore
Wyndham Tahoe at South Shore Wyndham Tahoe at South Shore

Wyndham Tahoe at South Shore


180 Elks Point Road
Zephyr Cove
Lake Tahoe, NV 89448 USA

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Between watersports on the lake and skiing through the Sierra Mountains, Lake Tahoe offers a plethora of activities. Travelers come to this area to rejuvenate their spirits, rediscover their families, and relax in the scenic splendor. On-site amenities include an outdoor swimming pool, hot tub, kiddy pool, health club, and game room. Each unit features a fireplace, washer/dryer, and kitchen with a dishwasher and microwave. Nearby, enjoy a lake, boating, water skiing, kayaking, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, golfing, horseback riding, mountain biking, casino gambling, live entertainment, dining, and shopping. Make a day-trip to visit Ponderosa Ranch, Edgewood Tahoe, or Heavenly Ski Resort. This resort is also known as WorldMark South Shore. This property is affiliated with the Fairfield family of resorts.

Dishwasher • Game Room • Health Club • Housekeeping • Kitchen • Washer Dryer • Microwave • Whirlpool Hottub • Fireplace • Air Conditioning • Childrens Pool • Swimming Pool

BedroomsBathroomsAvailabilityWeekAsking Price 
Varies0Float$1,300 View Ad
Varies0Float$1,200 View Ad
20Float$1,200 EachView Ad
Varies0Float$1,200 View Ad
Varies0Float$1,300 NegView Ad
Varies0Float$600 NegView Ad
Varies0Float$1,000 View Ad
Varies0Float$1,300 View Ad
Varies0Float$1,000 NegView Ad
Varies0Float$1,100 View Ad
Varies0Float$900 NegView Ad
Varies0Float$1,100 NegView Ad
Varies0Float$1,000 NegView Ad
Varies0Float$800 NegView Ad
Varies0Float$1,000 NegView Ad
Varies0Float$975 View Ad
32Float$1,500 NegView Ad
Varies0Float$800 NegView Ad
Varies0Float$1,100 NegView Ad
Varies0Float$1,000 NegView Ad
Varies0Float$1,000 NegView Ad
Varies0Float$1,200 NegView Ad
Varies0Float$1,200 NegView Ad
22Float$1,100 NegView Ad
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BedroomsBathroomsWeekPointsUsage TypeSpecial SeasonAsking Price 
VariesFloat270000AnnualRed$15,000 NegView Ad
VariesFloat168000Odd$13,000 View Ad
2Float154000Annual$20,500 NegView Ad
VariesFloat154000AnnualFlex$23,000 NegView Ad
VariesFloat154000AnnualRed$27,500 NegView Ad
VariesFloat315000Annual$44,500 NegView Ad
VariesFloat89000Even$7,000 NegView Ad
VariesFloat377000Annual$9,900 NegView Ad
VariesFloat154000Annual$24,000 NegView Ad
VariesFloat182000AnnualRed$25,000 View Ad
VariesFloat154000EvenRed$8,500 NegView Ad
VariesFloat154000OddRed$11,900 NegView Ad
VariesFloat154000AnnualRed$25,000 NegView Ad
VariesFloat126000EvenFlex$9,500 NegView Ad
VariesFloat154000Odd$11,500 NegView Ad
VariesFloat168000Even$19,900 View Ad
32Float480000AnnualRed$69,000 NegView Ad
VariesFloat77000AnnualRed$13,000 NegView Ad
VariesFloat210000EvenFlex$10,500 NegView Ad
VariesFloat105000Annual$13,000 NegView Ad
VariesFloat175000Annual$19,000 NegView Ad
VariesFloat580000AnnualFlex$50,000 NegView Ad
VariesFloat290000Annual$25,000 NegView Ad
22Float105000Annual$7,000 NegView Ad