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Club De Soleil
Club De Soleil Club De Soleil Club De Soleil Club De Soleil

Club De Soleil


5625 W Tropicana Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89103 USA

Check-In Days:

Sa, F, Su

This French-Mediterranean themed resort in a garden setting is sure to please. Escape from the bright lights and ringing bells at this elegant and tranquil resort located near all the attractions and shows of Las Vegas. After a long day at the casinos, refresh your sense of quiet in this flowering garden and luxurious spa. In room amenities include a fully equipped kitchen, laundry facilities, fireplace, several TV's, VCR, and whirlpool tub. If you need extra attention, visit the on-site masseuse or concierge, who will be happy to answer your every need. Member of Consolidated Resorts.

Housekeeping • Kitchen • Laundry • Washer Dryer • Elevator • Microwave • Spa • Tennis • Whirlpool Hottub • Fireplace • Exercise Equipment • Air Conditioning • Swimming Pool

BedroomsBathroomsAvailabilityWeekAsking Price 
22Float$500 View Ad
11Float$850 View Ad
22Float$900 View Ad
20Float$800 NegView Ad
22Float$950 View Ad
22Float$700 NegView Ad
22Float$950 NegView Ad
44Float$1,500 NegView Ad
11Float$1,000 View Ad
11Float$800 View Ad
11Float$1,100 View Ad
22Float$1,100 NegView Ad
11Float$900 View Ad
12Float$900 View Ad
20Float$1,200 NegView Ad
22Float$900 NegView Ad
11Float$600 NegView Ad
20Float$800 NegView Ad
20Float$900 EachView Ad
22Float$800 NegView Ad
22Float$950 NegView Ad
22Float$800 NegView Ad
22Float$1,000 View Ad
22Float$600 View Ad
22Float$800 NegView Ad
Fees and Taxes will be added to above rates
BedroomsBathroomsWeekPointsUsage TypeSpecial SeasonAsking Price 
22Float-BiRed$8,000 View Ad
11Float-Odd$11,000 NegView Ad
22Float-Bi$4,500 View Ad
22Float-Annual$5,000 NegView Ad
22Float-Annual$3,000 NegView Ad
11Float-Annual$12,500 View Ad
22Float-EvenRed$6,500 NegView Ad
11Float-Even$6,500 NegView Ad
22Float-Annual$14,000 NegView Ad
22Float-AnnualRed$6,000 NegView Ad
2210, Float-Even$11,000 NegView Ad
22Float-OddRed$9,000 View Ad
2Float-AnnualRed$16,500 NegView Ad
22Float-AnnualAll$11,500 NegView Ad
22Float-AnnualRed$18,000 NegView Ad
44Float-AnnualRed$22,000 NegView Ad
11Float-AnnualAll$9,999 NegView Ad
11Float-Annual$10,000 NegView Ad
11Float-Annual$15,000 NegView Ad
22Float-Annual$12,000 NegView Ad
11Float-AnnualFlex$12,500 NegView Ad
12Float-Annual$37,000 NegView Ad
2Float-Annual$9,500 NegView Ad
22Float-AnnualRed$9,500 NegView Ad
22Float-AnnualRed$7,000 NegView Ad