More Reasons to Buy Timeshare

Beyond cost efficiency and convenience, there are several other benefits that make it particularly attractive to buy a timeshare:

Buy A Timeshare & Reap the Long-term Benefits

Paying a fixed price upfront and then enjoying years of family vacations at top resorts without having to settle a bill every time are certainly great perks great perks when you buy a timeshare.

Over time, the initial cost is more than justified by price inflation that makes vacations more expensive every year and by costs incurred by traditional travelers who rent hotel or resort rooms of comparable quality.

But vacation ownership also has another - less material and more sentimental - appeal that makes it worth considering.

Buy Timeshare and Continue Family Fun & Tradition

Deeded timeshares can be bequeathed to children, grandchildren or other relatives to create a continuity and family tradition of vacationing in certain places.

Gifting a week at a luxurious timeshare resort is also a great way to sponsor a loved one's vacation.

 It has also been reported that some business owners use their timeshares to express appreciation for their employees' efforts, a gesture that is sure to bring appreciation and boost loyalty.

It has become so attractive to buy a timeshare that hospitality companies have been dynamically expanding into the market in recent years.

In 2009 alone, Disney Vacation Club is opening two new timeshare resorts and has a new project scheduled for completion by 2011.

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