Despite the Recession, Vacations Still Hold Strong

The recession may have put a damper on many sectors of the economy, but leisure travelers may actually benefit by taking advantage of deep discounts or upgrading their summer experiences on last year's budget.

According to Stephanie Jolly, Seattle North American Travel Examiner, now is the time to travel.

She cites a recent survey of 600 American Express Travel agents which showed that nearly half of them believe travelers will be able to take advantage of the plethora of deals and bargains to be had as airlines vie to fill seats.

When speaking of discounts, one has to mention timeshares as a great low-cost vacation option which gets even cheaper when purchased on the secondary market.

Experts believe this year's vacation ownership resale market will be particularly attractive as the high volume of timeshares for sale is pushing their prices down.

In addition to offering years of vacations at top-quality resorts at a price fixed at the time of purchase, timeshares allow for further savings because their home-like amenities make it possible for guests to prepare their own meals, thus eliminating the need to eat out.

The survey quoted by Jolly further found that 66 percent of travelers feel their summer vacation is important to their mental health, and it allows them to return to work feeling refreshed, energized and more productive.

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