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Mayan Palace Vacation Club
Mayan Palace Vacation Club Mayan Palace Vacation Club Mayan Palace Vacation Club Mayan Palace Vacation Club

Mayan Palace Vacation Club


Ave Costera de las Palmas
Acapulco, GRO 39900 Mexico

Set on ocean front, these resorts will delight water lovers of all ages and are family oriented making them great family holiday destinations. On site amenities include air conditioned units with kitchens, direct beach access, car rentals, pools, child care services, exercise equipment, medical facilities, golfing, tennis, playgrounds, and restaurants. Resort locations include: Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, Acapulco, Nuevo Vallarta, LaPinta, and Cancun.

Beach • Waterfront • Child Care • Dishwasher • Fishing • Game Room • Grocery Store • Handicapped Unit • Hairdresser • Health Club • Housekeeping • Kitchen • Lake • Laundry • Washer Dryer • Elevator • Live Entertainment • Medical Facility • Microwave • Playground • Scuba • Spa • Tennis • Lockout • Whirlpool Hottub • Boating • Fireplace • Exercise Equipment • Air Conditioning • Shopping • Auto Rental • Childrens Pool • Wind Surfing • Conf Facilities • Golf • Snack Bar • Sauna • Restaurant • Swimming Pool • Water Skiing

BedroomsBathroomsAvailabilityWeekAsking Price 
11Float$1,000 View Ad
11Float$1,000 View Ad
11Float$600 View Ad
Studio1Float$1,000 View Ad
22Float$1,100 View Ad
22Float$1,050 View Ad
10Float$1,650 View Ad
11Float$999 NegView Ad
11.5Float$900 NegView Ad
22Float$1,300 View Ad
22Float$900 View Ad
11Float$600 NegView Ad
Studio1Float$1,000 NegView Ad
10Float$1,000 NegView Ad
11Float$1,000 View Ad
22Float$1,300 EachView Ad
11Float$675 NegView Ad
11Float$1,000 View Ad
11Float$800 NegView Ad
22Float$1,100 NegView Ad
20Float$1,200 NegView Ad
10Float$1,100 NegView Ad
20Float$1,200 NegView Ad
Studio1Float$400 View Ad
22Float$1,200 NegView Ad
Fees and Taxes will be added to above rates
BedroomsBathroomsWeekPointsUsage TypeSpecial SeasonAsking Price 
11Float-Odd$5,400 View Ad
VariesFloat-Annual$2,500 NegView Ad
11Float-AnnualRed$9,500 View Ad
11Float-AnnualRed$17,000 View Ad
11Float-AnnualAll$0 FreeView Ad
11Float-AnnualRed$5,000 NegView Ad
Studio1Float-AnnualAll$7,500 NegView Ad
22-AnnualRed$7,000 NegView Ad
22Float-AnnualRed$25,000 NegView Ad
22Float-AnnualRed$18,500 View Ad
1Float-Annual$22,000 View Ad
22Float-OddRed$15,000 View Ad
11.5Float-Annual$13,500 NegView Ad
22Float-AnnualRed$10,000 View Ad
22Float-Annual$17,000 View Ad
11Float-AnnualRed$500 NegView Ad
Studio1Float-AnnualRed$7,500 NegView Ad
22Float-Annual$20,000 NegView Ad
11Float-AnnualRed$17,900 View Ad
22Float-AnnualRed$10,900 NegView Ad
11Float-AnnualRed$8,500 NegView Ad
11Float-AnnualRed$15,000 View Ad
11Float-AnnualRed$5,000 NegView Ad
22Float-AnnualRed$22,000 NegView Ad
2Float-Annual$14,999 NegView Ad