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Hyatt Sunset Harbor
Hyatt Sunset Harbor Hyatt Sunset Harbor Hyatt Sunset Harbor Hyatt Sunset Harbor

Hyatt Sunset Harbor


200 Sunset Harbor Lane
Key West, FL 33040 USA

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This world class resort is set in the heart of Old Town and just a short walk from Key West's most popular attractions. Enjoy elegant luxury in this plantation-style resort that offers a variety of on-site amenities and services. Take a scooter and explore the island or just relax in your suite and watch the sunset from your private deck or balcony. The Florida Keys is one of the few places where you can see the sunrise and sunset without leaving town! A fun and colorful vacation experience in the Conch Republic is just what the doctor ordered! Amenities include children's activities, pool, hot tubs, and in unit kitchens.

Dishwasher • Housekeeping • Kitchen • Laundry • Washer Dryer • Elevator • Microwave • Lockout • Whirlpool Hottub • Air Conditioning • Swimming Pool

Ed P, Merrrimack, NH

This was our second year at this resort. The accommodations are very nice. We intend to vacation there next year.

Carol H, East Dundee, IL

FANTASTIC! Clean, Airy, bright, good temperature, Wonderful Views. Close to Duval yet NO NOISE. Walking distance (2-3 min) to Duval or Mallery Square. No need for a car. Supportive staff. When my son wet the bed twice they completely re-did the bed from pads on up even on days with no service!

Bret R., Davis, FL.

We loved the very clean accommodations, the professional and fun staff. The view of the pool was fantastic. The location could not have been better. We loved it!

Ed P, Merrimack, NH.

This is the 4th year we have stayed at this resort. The accommodations are top of the line.

James F, Hampton Falls, NH.

Beautiful property, clean, shiny unit. Exceptional location. Very well maintained with friendly and helpful staff.

BedroomsBathroomsAvailabilityWeekAsking Price 
2246, Float$1,250 NegView Ad
2009$1,495 NegView Ad
1210, Float$1,400 View Ad
2221$1,200 NegView Ad
2239, Float$1,300 NegView Ad
2211$1,700 NegView Ad
2246$1,100 View Ad
2340RentedView Ad
2243$1,500 View Ad
2226$2,035 View Ad
2218$1,500 View Ad
1236, Float$1,375 NegView Ad
2243$2,500 View Ad
2236$1,350 View Ad
2243$2,000 View Ad
2246, Float$1,100 View Ad
2221, Float$1,500 NegView Ad
2206, Float$1,500 View Ad
Fees and Taxes will be added to above rates
BedroomsBathroomsWeekPointsUsage TypeSpecial SeasonAsking Price 
2246-AnnualGold$23,000 NegView Ad
2246, Float1300AnnualBronze$6,500 NegView Ad
2201, Float1880AnnualGold$19,900 View Ad
1210, Float1880AnnualGold$26,000 View Ad
22211300AnnualPlatinum$19,999 NegView Ad
22201400AnnualSilver$13,500 NegView Ad
2239, Float1300AnnualBronze$16,000 NegView Ad
22111880AnnualGold$25,000 View Ad
22461300AnnualBronze$15,500 View Ad
2232-Annual$12,000 NegView Ad
22431500AnnualSilver$30,000 View Ad
22181400AnnualSilver$20,000 NegView Ad
1236, Float870AnnualBronze$9,990 NegView Ad
22341400AnnualSilver$20,000 NegView Ad
22361300AnnualBronze$13,900 View Ad
22431400AnnualSilver$19,500 NegView Ad
22431400AnnualSilver$22,000 NegView Ad
22261400AnnualRed$20,000 NegView Ad
2246, Float1300AnnualBronze$20,000 View Ad
22062000AnnualPlatinum$27,000 NegView Ad
2221, Float1300AnnualRed$20,000 NegView Ad
22481300Annual$14,000 View Ad
2240-Annual$11,500 View Ad
22.5301300Annual$15,000 EachView Ad