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Dover House
Dover House Dover House Dover House Dover House

Dover House


110 S Ocean Blvd
Delray Beach, FL 33483 USA

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This charming resort promises a great location amid the quiet elegance of Delray Beach. Just across the street from a beautiful stretch of Florida's famed Gold Coast beach line, your family will find easy access to a variety of activities nearby. Venture across the street to enjoy a day at the beach where you can swim, surf, sail, water ski, snorkel, or just stretch out on the sand. Relax in the resort's tranquil swimming pool area or hot tub. For meals, each air-conditioned unit comes equipped with a kitchen, the resort offers an outdoor barbeque, and local restaurants are just a short walk down the street. Whether you enjoy jai alai, horse racing, or championship golf, everything is within an easy drive. Take a day trip to explore the renowned shopping district of Worth Avenue, Lion Country Safari wildlife theme park, Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, or Miami. www.doverhouseresort.com

Dishwasher • Housekeeping • Kitchen • Laundry • Microwave • Air Conditioning • Swimming Pool

BedroomsBathroomsAvailabilityWeekAsking Price 
1115, Float$600 View Ad
1135$900 NegView Ad
1113, Float$1,000 View Ad
1107$900 View Ad
1119, Float$800 View Ad
1120$800 View Ad
1150$650 NegView Ad
1114$800 NegView Ad
1135, 36$1,000 NegView Ad
1126$1,000 NegView Ad
11Float$900 NegView Ad
1119$900 NegView Ad
1124$600 View Ad
1129$555 View Ad
1144$400 NegView Ad
1138$800 View Ad
1107$900 RentedView Ad
1134$700 NegView Ad
1128$900 View Ad
1130$900 View Ad
1140, Float$900 NegView Ad
1124$600 RentedView Ad
11Float$900 OBOView Ad
1146$900 NegView Ad
Fees and Taxes will be added to above rates
BedroomsBathroomsWeekPointsUsage TypeSpecial SeasonAsking Price 
1115, Float-AnnualAll$7,000 View Ad
1135-AnnualRed$9,500 NegView Ad
22Float-AnnualRed$8,500 NegView Ad
1120-Annual$7,000 View Ad
1114-AnnualRed$7,900 NegView Ad
1135, 36-Annual$9,500 EachView Ad
1126-AnnualRed$5,000 NegView Ad
11Float-Annual$5,000 NegView Ad
11Float-AnnualRed$8,500 View Ad
1119-AnnualRed$7,000 NegView Ad
1113, Float-AnnualRed$4,000 NegView Ad
1129-AnnualRed$0 FreeView Ad
1144-Annual$3,000 NegView Ad
1138-Annual$4,000 NegView Ad
1107-AnnualRed$8,499 NegView Ad
1134-Annual$4,000 NegView Ad
1128-AnnualFlex$7,900 NegView Ad
1130-Annual$7,000 NegView Ad
1140, Float-Annual$3,500 NegView Ad
11Float-AnnualRed$999 OBOView Ad
1146-Annual$7,995 NegView Ad