Timeshares Only (TSO) operates within the timeshare resale marketplace. Through cooperative advertising, TSO makes it possible for timeshare buyers, sellers and renters to connect around the world. TSO does not itself engage in real estate broker services on your behalf sellers or buyers. Since TSO does not provide real estate services, TSO has itself sold zero (0) timeshare properties. However, the real estate broker affiliated with TSO and its network of cooperating brokers have sold thousands of properties with an outstanding average success ratio of listings to sales. The real estate broker affiliated with TSO does not often enter into a listing agreement with a seller except when both the seller and buyer enter into a sale contract. Upon request, TSO can refer you to a licensed real estate brokers to provide whatever real estate brokerage services you desire. The terms of any agreement between a real estate broker/agent and you are not endorsed, or recommended by TSO. If you accept the services of a real estate broker/agent, a transaction fee, commission, and/or closing costs may be charged to either the buyer and/or seller. There is no guarantee that any timeshare period can be rented or sold at any particular price or within any particular period of time. Any offers submitted to TSO by prospective buyers go to the timeshare owner or the owner's designated real estate broker. Due to privacy concerns, direct contact information for owners is not available on TSO’s website.

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