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A dance with Lady Luck is not the only thing Nevada holds in store for vacationers who choose to make this state their destination. The opportunities,… Read More »

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Nevada Is Never A Vacation Gamble

A dance with Lady Luck is not the only thing Nevada holds in store for vacationers who choose to make this state their destination. The opportunities, in fact, are so numerous and diverse, it is hard for a traveler to see and do it all in a single trip or even 20.

Known for its rugged desert landscapes, beautiful mountains and the action of the strip, Nevada appeals to many different kinds of visitors. Some of the most popular things to do in the state include:

  • Rock, mountain climbing: Believe it or not, this is one of the biggest attractions to Nevada for many visitors. The state has some major peaks to explore. Major destinations include the Red Rocks National Conservation Area, which is about 20 miles outside of Las Vegas; Hamilton Bullion, which is outside of Elko; and the Ruby Mountains in northern Nevada.
  • Skiing: Where there are mountains and snow, skiing is generally a top activity. Nevada delivers on this score. Most skiing takes place in the Reno/ Lake Tahoe area where the season starts in late November and remains active most years into late April.
  • Water sports: With Lake Tahoe painting the desert landscape just a little blue in the western part of the state, the opportunities for water sports are considered incredible in this area. The Colorado River also is a major draw. Between these areas and a few others, visitors can count on water skiing, swimming, fishing, diving and even rafting action to please if outdoor water sports are on tap.
  • Golfing: Nevada is home to some of the world's best golf courses. Some of the top spots include The Canyons, Montreux Golf and Country Club and Edgewood Tahoe. The northern region, in fact, has about 50 courses for golfers to check out. The courses here are so fabled, the PGA plays some of its most famous tournaments in the region.
  • Gaming: This is the biggest draw to Nevada for many. From the famous casinos on the strip to those in Reno, the Tahoe area and elsewhere, there is always a game to be found within this state. From slot machines to craps and beyond, the action is 24/7. Machines can even be found at roadside stops, for gamblers on the go.
  • Entertainment: The Las Vegas area is known the world over for its constant shows with some of the most popular entertainers in the industry. Live singing, dancing, magic acts and more can be found on stage year-round.
  • Other activities: Visitors to Nevada will find there are a host of other activities to take part in. From mountain climbing and hiking to exploring historic sites and visiting galleries, museums and more, there is never a shortage of things to do in Nevada.

While it's known for its year-round, non-stop gambling action, there is much more to see and explore in Nevada. The state is home to some of the best outdoor action in the West and it promises interesting sights no matter the season. Considering the options available, the state is viewed not only as a hotspot for singles and couples, but also entire families.