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It's a country of natural wonders, fabled history and sights like nowhere else in the world. Famous for its Loch Ness, its storied heroes and a culture… Read More »

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Beauty And Wonder Await In Scotland

It's a country of natural wonders, fabled history and sights like nowhere else in the world. Famous for its Loch Ness, its storied heroes and a culture that's distinctly different, Scotland is a tourist mecca for a number of reasons.

Tourists who choose Scotland as their destination will find this country has lots to offer. From its seascapes and mountainsides to its beautiful music, many who pay this land a visit are loathe to depart its shores. The things to do and see in Scotland include:

  • Golf: Since it is the birthplace of the sport, it's little wonder that golfing is a very big pastime in Scotland. Visitors here will find more than 550 courses at their disposal all over the country, whose tie to the sport dates back more than 600 years. From St. Andrews Old Course to the Royal Dornoch Golf Course, there are famous courses throughout the country to take in while soaking up the incredible sights.
  • City tours: Some of Scotland's major cities are destinations all on their own. With historic sites, castles, festivals, shops, dining and entertainment just waiting, many visitors pick one and simply stay. Some of the top spots include Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Inverness. In these cities, visitors will find all the comforts of home blended in with galleries, shopping, nightspots and historic stops.
  • Wildlife excursions: Many animal lovers like to make Scotland their vacation home simply because of its wildlife. The country is home to puffins, stags, red deer and more. Its waters are the playground for bottle nose dolphins, minkle whales, sharks and more.
  • Water sports: From sailing and fishing to high-adventure water sports, the waters around Scotland offer for some incredible activities and extreme fun. Visitors here also enjoy diving, snorkeling and simply whale watching from onboard ships and from the shore.
  • Historic tours: From Loch Ness to William Wallace, Scotland has a storied and quite unique history. Visitors who want to take in the historic sites, will find most major cities offer guided tours. There are even horror tours for those who want to explore the haunted Highland sites. Some of the stops tourists enjoy making include Dirleton Castle, the Scottish Seabird Centre, Floors Castle and the Three Hills Roman Heritage Centre. Other stops include the Rob Roy MacGregor grave, the Benmore Botanic Garden and the Breadalbane Folklore Centre.
  • Other activities: Visitors to Scotland are in for a treat when it comes to dining, entertainment, shopping and more. The country is home to some incredible stops and there are plenty of opportunities to take in local flavor and music along the way. If a trip is timed just right, it's possible to enjoy Highland games and other regional festivals. It is nearly impossible to go home without taking in at least one bagpipe performance.

With a history that dates back centuries and includes influences from the Romans, Vikings and many Germanic tribes, Scotland is a paradise for historical travelers. With castles and ancient ruins to visit, it is hard to take it all in. Those who want a different kind of trip will find Scotland also delivers on city hustle and bustle, nightlife and more.