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Andorra Resorts | 2 Timeshare Resorts in Andorra

People travel from all over the world to ski Andorra’s snow-covered mountains, but the European locale has much more to offer tourists. In fact, the… Read More »

2 Timeshare Resorts in Andorra

Club la Solana de Ransol

Canillo, Andorra

Club la Solana de Ransol

La Dorada Club Tarter

Ransol-El Tarter
Canillo, Andorra

La Dorada Club Tarter

Andorra: Skiing, Shopping, and Tradition

People travel from all over the world to ski Andorra’s snow-covered mountains, but the European locale has much more to offer tourists. In fact, the area has become known for its tourism in recent years, bringing an estimated 10.2 million guests to the area each year.

The Location

Housed within the eastern Pyrenees Mountains in Southwestern Europe, Andorra is considered the sixth smallest nation in Europe, with an estimated population of only 85,000. Known as a “microstate,” it is bordered by France and Spain and has an elevation of more than 3,300 feet above sea level.

Visitors usually arrive in Andorra by car or bus after landing at one of three airports located within 124 miles of the country. Guests can also take the Spanish or French railway to get to Andorra, with Gare Andorre L'Hospitalet providing service to the area.

The Snow

For Andorra residents and visitors, snowfall brings a prime opportunity to hit the slopes. Several ski resorts offer a warm, comfortable place to relax in between runs, with each resort offering its own unique skiing experience.

Grandvalira offers Alpine skiing, with more than 200 km of slopes. Guests can attend ski and snowboarding school and rent skis from the months of December to April. Grandvalira is the largest ski resort in the Pyrenees, but Vallnord is impressive, as well, with 100 km of slopes. Vallnord is divided into three sectors, with cable cards providing transportation between all three.

The Sites

Because its ski slopes are so popular, Andorra is home to a variety of restaurants and shops. For visitors, Andorra provides the opportunity to shop duty-free, since the microstate is not a member of the European Union. Shoppers can find a variety of products at a fraction of the price they’d pay elsewhere.

Andorra has much more than skiing to draw visitors, however. With a history that spans 1,000 years, the area has numerous villages and valleys that provide a day of sightseeing to anyone who loves history. Guests should stop by the Les Bons historical complex and the Romanesque Church of Sant Roma.

While in Andorra, visitors can learn about the history of electricity production in the area at the Electricity Museum. Adventurers can hop on a snow bike and take a ride through the snow or engage in a Go-Kart racing competition at the Canillo Ice Palace.

For accommodations, it doesn’t get more unique than the Igloo Hotel, a hotel constructed completely of ice. Guests can warm up in the hotel Jacuzzi or enjoy a great meal in the bar-restaurant. At night, guests can snuggle up inside a sleeping bag to stay warm. The hotel is 0 degrees, however, so guests are encouraged to dress warmly and prepare to spend an ample share of time in the hot tub.

Andorra is a relaxing, vibrant area with plenty to do for both adventurers and history-lovers alike. There’s a reason so many travelers visit the area each year, with a diverse group of offerings that ensure no two visits will be alike.