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Sedona Pines Resort
Sedona Pines Resort Sedona Pines Resort Sedona Pines Resort Sedona Pines Resort

Sedona Pines Resort


6701 W HWY 89A
SEDONA, AZ 86336-9757 USA

Check-In Days:

F, Su

A flowering oasis in the midst of the Arizona desert, this resort offers the stark beauty & mystery of Sedona with all the comfort & amenities that come with a Gold Crown resort. Catch a trout in Oak Creek, or balloon over the Grand Canyon. Spend a day at Tlaquepaque Art Village & discover the unique shops. Make sure you try a margarita at 'El Rincon' for a taste of true desert refreshment. Amenities include a full kitchen, grocery, laundry facilities, playground, pool, hot tub, and restaurant.

Dishwasher • Housekeeping • Kitchen • Laundry • Microwave • Playground • Whirlpool Hottub • Exercise Equipment • Air Conditioning • Restaurant • Swimming Pool

BedroomsBathroomsAvailabilityWeekAsking Price 
1145$600 NegView Ad
11Float$1,000 View Ad
Varies0Float$1,200 View Ad
Varies0Float$600 NegView Ad
11Float$950 View Ad
Varies0Float$600 View Ad
Varies0Float$1,100 NegView Ad
Varies0Float$1,000 View Ad
22Float$850 View Ad
11Float$900 View Ad
Varies0Float$1,000 NegView Ad
11Float$649 NegView Ad
Studio1Float$900 View Ad
11Float$600 View Ad
22Float$800 View Ad
Varies0Float$1,100 View Ad
22Float$900 View Ad
Varies0Float$900 NegView Ad
22Float$900 View Ad
11Float$780 View Ad
Varies0Float$1,200 EachView Ad
11Float$1,000 NegView Ad
11Float$1,000 NegView Ad
11Float$800 NegView Ad
11Float$650 NegView Ad
Fees and Taxes will be added to above rates
BedroomsBathroomsWeekPointsUsage TypeSpecial SeasonAsking Price 
1145-Annual$16,500 NegView Ad
11Float42000AnnualRed$12,000 NegView Ad
11Float57500Odd$9,700 View Ad
VariesFloat44500AnnualRed$19,900 View Ad
VariesFloat-AnnualRed$8,000 NegView Ad
11Float-AnnualRed$13,000 View Ad
VariesFloat36500EvenAll$11,500 NegView Ad
22Float61000OddAll$12,000 NegView Ad
VariesFloat52500Annual$12,000 NegView Ad
22Float-Annual$10,000 NegView Ad
11Float2500AnnualRed$9,000 NegView Ad
VariesFloat45000AnnualRed$16,000 NegView Ad
11Float-AnnualRed$9,500 NegView Ad
Studio1Float33000AnnualRed$9,000 View Ad
11Float-Annual$4,000 NegView Ad
22Float-AnnualRed$11,500 NegView Ad
VariesFloat52500AnnualRed$37,500 NegView Ad
22Float61500Even$10,500 NegView Ad
VariesFloat29000Annual$15,000 NegView Ad
22Float61500Bi$9,000 NegView Ad
11Float110AnnualRed$5,000 NegView Ad
VariesFloat65500AnnualRed$18,900 NegView Ad
11Float-AnnualRed$15,000 NegView Ad
11Float-AnnualRed$10,000 NegView Ad
11Float-AnnualRed$9,200 NegView Ad