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Timeshare FAQ's

Who Is Timeshares Only?

Timeshares Only is the world’s largest timeshare resale marketplace. Through cooperative advertising, Timeshares Only makes it possible for timeshare buyers, sellers and renters to connect around the World.

Why should I purchase a timeshare and how does it work?

Purchasing a timeshare can divert otherwise lost vacation dollars into a piece of vacation real estate serving your vacation needs for the rest of your life. Timeshare weeks can be reserved at your home resort or can be traded to other resorts through an exchange company. Here are some specifics:

Benefits of owning a timeshare:

  • You will have guaranteed quality future resort vacations for yourself and others in your family.
  • You will build your own equity rather than that of your vacation landlord AND be enjoying some of the finest vacation accommodations available.
  • You will have beaten vacation inflation, which means you SAVE MONEY!
  • When you rent timeshare it is subject to availability.

How long do I get to stay at the resort if I purchase?

Usually one week - 7 nights. Timeshares are typically sold in intervals consisting of a seven-night stay.

Can I use the resort at other times in addition to my week usage?

YES. Most resorts offer additional time to owners at a reduced rate; this benefit is most commonly known as bonus time.

Will I receive all major benefits that the resorts are offering if I purchase through Vacation Property Resales?

YES. All major benefits transfer to you when you purchase a resale timeshare. The property's Homeowners Association benefits and rules apply to all owners regardless of how the property was acquired.

What is a Five-Star resort?

The top rating given to a resort in the Interval International system

What is a Gold Crown resort?

The top rating given to a resort in the Resort Condominium International system.

What does lockout mean?

A timeshare that is divided into two separate living spaces with two separate entrances. A lockout will usually exchange one week for two weeks in a smaller unit.

What is a fixed week?

A set time that can be used annually.

What is a float week?

Vacation time that can be used anytime of the year based upon availability.

What is a banked week?

A week of timeshare deposited in one of the many exchange companies to be saved or banked for use at a later time.

What is a point system?

Time Share Points are offered annually and can be redeemed for daily stays, weekend getaways, full week stays or other products. Additional points can be purchased but usage varies from resort to resort.